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I lay with my son every night as he falls asleep on my breast. I, either join him in snugly slumber , or read on my phone. There's nothing really romantic about reading on an iPhone. I wish I had reading lights in the form of candles and wine being poured by tiny elves and an endless stack of books and essays and journals and magazines. All the things I've been dying to let my mind ingest. But that's a fantasy. The reality is quite simple. My baby boy loves sleeping in the dark. And I obey and use my phone to unleash the millions of yearnings that might go unanswered in a Mother's Day.


One of my favorite magazines is Apartamento. Lush and punk, worldy and wise , a magazine that investigates the minds and living rooms of the creative and the brave. The articles are tiny miracles. And the photos feed all of my deep nesting and design appetites , exploring homes and dwellings in simple and non staged ways. The slop and the grit are left untouched next to the aesthetically pleasing and the bold. The actual printed magazines hold a special place in our home. But they don't serve my nighttime hunger for printed materials. Until I discovered they created an app for our phones. And holy my !! Glory be!!It's my new favorite thing.

Photo by David Douglas Duncan , from the book " The Private World of Pablo Picasso " 

Photo by David Douglas Duncan , from the book " The Private World of Pablo Picasso " 

Just finished the article about the private world of Pablo Picasso taken from excerpts from a book of the same name by David Douglas Duncan. And it left me feeling excited about raising a boy and the chaos naturally found in a home with children. And laughing and loving the debris. Also not forgetting that I am an artist and a mother. And neither need to fight for the prize title. Even if they tend to live on opposite sides of the house. The mother in me loves order and planning and ease and nourishment and comfort. And the artist wants nothing but to turn every answer back into a question. It's dinnertime. But what is dinnertime? A meal served warm around a wooden table with a colored runner down the middle? Or is it served too hot straight out of the pot as you sit outside pondering anything and everything that seems impossible or undone? It's a welcome opening of my mind that has been letting the artist quietly sit in the back row and wait its turn for too long. 





more reading recommendations( the non book kind ) :

a wonderful place for mothers to blissfully get lost in a phone "k hole" great articles, ideas  and videos on sustainability and stacking functions.

Not as great as the actual magazine ( I subscribe and LOVE it)but still a wonderful place to find new essays and poems from unknown writers.

my favorite blog

for the consumer in me that I still allow to "window shop" online. This website is a wonder filled index of new and old books by amazing artists.  

I also really like the "New Yorker today " app




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